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Posted on May 15th, 2015

Folding arm awnings are an exceptional choice for blocking out inclement weather.   They can be both aesthetically pleasing and complementary to your exterior design, as well as being practical in insulating your home only when you need it.

Folding arm awnings function the same as any other roof structures – they provide protection from the weather and heat, as well as filter out light.  However, what makes folding arm awnings unique is that they are able to retract when you want it.  So depending on the occasion, you can have it out and enjoy all of its protection, and when you’re done you can put it away.  If you ever know that you’re not going to be needing it for an extended period of time, you can tuck it away safely in its case until the next time you need it.  Folding arm awnings are especially going to be useful in the upcoming autumn and winter seasons.  Rain and frost will slowly wear away at your awning fabric, but with the retractability of folding arm awnings, you can avoid it when necessary.  So if you’ve got a mate that wants to drink a beer out in your patio, you can have him covered and just as easily put it away after he’s done.

Folding arm awnings also offer flexibility to meet your specifications as well as customizability to match your outdoor design.  For example, you can have your awnings ordered to match any type of wall, whether it be small or big.   Aside from the already numerous types of awnings, folding arm awnings especially can be personalized via a plethora of materials, fabric designs, and more.  Really, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

To add even more, folding arm awnings are fairly easy to maintain.  Since they can fold up, they allow for easier cleaning as you don’t have to have to get high up to get into hard to reach places.  All you need is a soft cloth and a bucket of soapy water and you’re set.  Avoid harsh chemical cleaners and scrubbers with a rough or abrasive face, as they can do more harm than they will clean.  As for tears and worn spots, they can be easily be fixed if you catch it early.  Since retractable awnings use a fabric for its cover, it can be easily mended or patched without having to completely replace the entire awning.  And since folding arm awnings can be easily put away and covered, their longevity is increased by virtue of it not being exposed to the elements when not required.

Finally, folding arm awnings can save you quite a hefty amount as well.  Unlike pergolas and such, folding arm awnings do not require a foundation to hold it up, as it uses the existing wall for it.  Furthermore, folding arm awnings can use less expensive materials to construct.  Aside from comparably minimal frame, much of it is just fabric.  So if you are debating as to which type of roof structure you’d like, know that folding arm awnings are a great value, especially with the versatility they provide.  And lastly, folding arm awnings fulfils the qualities of passive solar design exceptionally.  It blocks sunlight during the summer heat, but allows it in the winter.  Due to this, there is not only considerable insulation under the awning, but also within the house as well.  Your electricity bills will definitely be thanking you for it.