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Sun And Wind Sensors For Motorised Blinds – Melbourne

Motorised Blind and Sensors

Our extensive range of internal and external blinds are available with fully automated sensors which can operate your blinds and awnings using in-built smart technology. Our range of sensors include:

Sun Sensor

The Easy Blinds sun sensor may be installed to automatically measure change in the amount of sunlight that enters your home. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted to suit your heat and light requirements. The sun sensor regulates change of the amount of sunlight it receives, when the sun sensor has reached the set limit it responds by opening or closing your awning or blind solution.

Your blind may be operated by your sun sensor even while your not at home! The days of coming home to a hot house are gone, install a motorised blind complete with sun sensor and your home will be cooler and more comfortable.

Reduce your power bills too, the sun sensored motorised blind will also save you money. We all know the pressure of rising electricity bills, why not turn off the air-conditoner and let your fully automated blind or anwing regulate the temperature for you.

The addition of the sun sensor to your motorised blind will also give the interior decor of your home added protection against fading and spoiling of carpets, furniture etc.

Wind Sensor

The automated Wind Sensor offers peace of mind against Melbourne’s unpredictable weather. The wind sensor provides your motorised blind or awning with protection against inclement weather.

This sensor acts in sort, like a weather vane, the wind sensor continually monitors the speed of wind. Should windy conditions arise the sensor has a cupped head unit that spins as the rate of wind speed increases. The wind speed is measured and checked against a user variable set at installation. In the case where the wind speed reaches this limit the motorised awning is sent a signal to retract.

The wind sensor is used mostly for external shade solutions. The wind sensor will protect your awning from sharp bursts or jolts of wind which can be harmful to the blind and its operation. We recommend wind sensors with all of our external range of products. Wind Sensors are particularly popular with our range of retractable / folding arm awnings.

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