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Saving Energy With Blinds

Posted on May 15th, 2015

As electricity prices rise, most households realize that so do their electricity bills. No wonder, that many people are asking themselves what they can do in order to combat the rising prices. Endure the heat during the hot summer days and bibber their way through the cold winter nights? While some people may take that approach and invest in hand fans and blankets upon blankets, others try to cut their electricity cost without having to deal with such headache-causers.

One of the most imminent causes of higher electricity cost besides the rise in energy prices, is inefficient heating and cooling. Anybody who has ever lived in an older house knows that an old air conditioning system is not only quite a bit louder and blows less air, but it also uses up a lot more electricity in the process. Replacing such a system is definitely one of the ways to set an end to large, crippling energy bills, but unfortunately also the reason for another headache in the first place. Buying a new air conditioning system and having it installed in the house can cause more than just a small fortune. Unlike other work around the house, it also isn’t a good idea to do it without the guidance and supervision of a professional in the field. Even the newest and most efficient air conditioning system won’t be able to function right if it isn’t installed in a proper way.


Cheaper Than a new A/C

Lucky for everybody who isn’t friends with a professional in the field of air conditioning, there is another solution that can help cut down electricity cost, without costing a fortune in the process. Blinds can be the answer to all questions of those who are tired both of high energy cost and because sleeping was again close to impossible without the A/C blasting on full throttle.

Blinds have many energy saving qualities that only the fewest people are aware of. They are capable of keeping up a balance between the outside and inside temperature. By installing blinds on the windows that are facing the sun the most during the day, energy cost can be significantly reduced. When blinds cover the windows during the time when the sun burns down on the house, most of the sun light can be kept out of the house. By doing so, only the space in between the blinds and the window will be heated, stopping most of the heat transfer and keeping dark surfaces inside of the house from getting hot and heating up the rest of the house in the process. It basically works the same way as the sun shield that have been employed in car windshields for the better part of three decades.


Good for Cold Winters

Blinds aren’t just a blessing for the hottest of summers. Many people also struggle with cold winters and are forced to crank up the heat when a cold winter night approaches. While the days are often okay due to sunlight, the nights can be seriously cold and force those freezing inside of the house to choose between two extra blankets and turning on the heat.

In the winter, blinds aren’t used to keep out the sun. In fact, during the day, when in the summer the blinds should be down, they should be up in the winter. Only at night when the outside temperature drops and especially older houses with less insulation tend to leak warm air, roller blinds can make the difference. Since windows are often the week spots of the insulation of a house, they are also the area where most of the energy loss can be prevented. Blinds will create a cold air barrier and help prevent the heat transfer.


Not only Energy Blessings, but decorative Staples

Besides the energy saving capabilities of blinds of all sizes, colours and models, they are also decorative staples that shouldn’t be missing in any home. Even the best looking and most professionally designed room can look even better when blinds are added to the picture. With a flurry of different models readily available and colours aplenty in stock, there are definitely blinds to suit the design of every house.