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Commercial Blinds Melbourne

Commercial Blind Solutions for Melbourne Businesses

blockout roller blindsEasy Blinds and Awnings offers commercial blinds solutions for even the hardest to fit windows. Our well-established company serves Melbourne and the surrounding areas with quality and custom made solutions for commercial properties. Known for our great composition of effortless styles and affordable prices, our quality products are well renowned and featured in many business facilities, as well as homes throughout the area.

Priceless Designs

One of the main calling cards for businesses, not only in the Melbourne area, but through Australia and beyond, is a style with which the company presents itself to its customers. Many of the best designs can be found in businesses and offices. By providing our customers with an array of high-quality blinds solutions that can be customised through our in-house manufacturing, we are capable of providing hundreds of different solutions to our clients.

Whether every office on every floor of a large business requires new blinds or if your company simply needs a room or two equipped with new high-quality blinds, we are available to provide what you need. From manual blinds, to fully automatic systems, the options for your business are virtually endless.

Our Service for Your Business

roman blindsAt Easy Blinds, we are well aware of how hectic and unpredictable business can be. Finding the time to browse through endless catalogues of blinds that suit your business can prove to be as hard of a task as any. That is why our representatives will provide you with as much information, when you contact us, as you wish to receive. You have ample time to take a peek at our classy, contemporary designs whenever you find the time.

When you are ready to order or if you require even more assistance, one of our representatives can come to your location and help you pick the designs and blinds solutions that best suit your business. Our blinds are of the highest quality and extremely durable, specifically designed to withstand the wear and tear of offices and businesses of all kinds. If, against all odds, one of our products breaks within our warranty period or malfunctions in any way, our representatives will gladly take care of your problem.

For more information about our commercial blinds and the services we offer, please contact us at 0422 713 585 and speak with one of our friendly representatives today.

Energy Efficiency

During the hot summer months, many businesses not only have to suffer from the heat, but also from exorbitant electricity bills, driven up by the constant use of fans and air conditioning systems. Blinds are a cost efficient solution for many of the energy problems that businesses in Melbourne have to face. Blinds constrict the energy flow and the transmission of the cold air to the outside. In addition, by blocking some of the sunlight from shining in through the windows, heating up desks and sensitive electronics, less energy is required to cool your office to temperatures that permit concentrated working.

Here at Easy Blinds and Awnings, we offer a wide range of different blinds that will help you lower your energy bills. From Mesh View, to Block-out Roller Blinds, we have designs and the styles to suit your business space. We can provide you with solutions that will allow looking out of the window, while nosy looks from the outside are kept out, as well as those blinds that permit any sunlight to shine in and combinations of both, which let you adjust to the current weather conditions.

All of our products are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand excessive use throughout the years.

If you want to learn more about the way in which our blinds can help you save money, receive a free quote or have one of our representatives come to your location to assess your office. Please give us a call at 0422 713 585.

Customisation and Affordability

Because of our in-house manufacturing, we are able to provide tailor-made solutions for our clients. As offices and businesses come in different dimensions and styles, we have made it our goal to provide custom design solutions at affordable rates for our clients in the Melbourne area. Whether you would like to provide us with the measurements of the windows that require blinds or if you would like one of our professionally trained representatives to come to you and measure the dimensions of the areas, we are ready and available for you.

You can choose from many different designs, styles and technologies to achieve a comprehensive design for your business that wows your customers and brings in additional revenue. Simply tell us about your budget and your expectations and we will do our very best to find you the perfect blinds for your business location.

We can be reached at 0422 713 585 for additional information on our commercial products and services, as well as receive a free quote for the blinds of your choice.