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Cleaning Venetian Blinds

Posted on May 15th, 2015

It’s no secret that Venetian Blinds know just how to collect dust and when in the right environment, boast a great deal of grime. Unfortunately, during regular ‘spring cleaning’, many of us forget about our blinds and the fact that they need to be tended to as well. One of the main reasons for overlooking blinds while cleaning is due to not having the time, or not wanting to put in the effort to get the task done. This, of course, is the wrong approach as the more they sit around without getting a good clean, the harder it becomes to remove all the dirt that has been allowed to accumulate on the blinds over a period of time.

Maintenance is a must

When dealing with, not only Venetian Blinds, but blinds in general, you want to ensure that regular maintenance is carried out. Rather than setting a time each month or every few weeks to clean your blinds, include a light maintenance in your regular cleaning. By doing so, you’ll cut down on the amount of time and vigor that needs to go into your deep cleans because you wouldn’t have allowed a great deal of ‘muck’ to settle and create a hard to remove build-up.

For your maintenance cleaning, you’ll want to:

  • Open the blinds to their full position to give yourself enough space to work with.
  • The slats of your blinds should then be titled up. If your blinds are vertical, you’ll need to tilt them to the side.
  • Using a duster or a cloth, lightly wipe away any obvious build up.
  • To get the other side, tilt the slats in the opposite direction (when working with vertical blinds) or down (when working with horizontal blinds and repeat the dusting/wiping process.

A little more time

If you have a little more time to get some cleaning done, you can substitute the cloth or duster for cloth gloves. In this method, all you’ll need to do is to hold the slats (one at a time) with your thumb pressing at the bottom and, glide along. This method is great because it really allows you to get in there and remove a great portion of dust whilst having full control over the amount of pressure you exert.

Vacuuming your Venetian Blinds

When vacuuming your blinds, be sure to use a soft attachment as to avoid scratching and ruining your blinds. You’ll want to go over the slats very gently. Be sure to check your vacuums suction prior to using it to clean your blinds. Too much suction can cause damage to your blinds.

Deeper Cleaning

To get a deeper clean, you’ll need to remove your blinds from the window. Depending on the way in which your blinds have been installed, you may need the assistance of someone else or to have a screwdriver on hand.

Once your blinds have been removed, you’ll want to take them to the location in which you chose to carry out your deep cleaning. This can be either the bathtub or outdoors.

If cleaning outside:

  • When cleaning outside, you’ll need a hose, bucket of soapy water (be sure to check that the solution you choose won’t cause harm to your blinds- if you’re uncertain, contact the manufacturer), tarp, scrub brush, cloth.
  • Lay the blinds (fully extended) on the tarp with the slats closed.
  • Carefully pour soapy water over the blinds and scrub away with the scrub brush. Once all dirt has been removed, flip the blinds around, pour soapy water and again, scrub with the scrub brush.
  • For hard to reach areas, use the cloth the get easier access. Once all signs of dirt and grime have been removed, it’s time to get the hose and thoroughly rinse away the soapy solution.
  • Leave the blinds on a flat (dry) surface to dry before hanging them up.

In the bathtub

To clean your blinds in the bathtub, you’ll want to fill the tub with warm water and add soap. Remove the blinds from the window and carefully place them into the tub. Be sure to close the slats before placing them into the tub.

Once in the tub, allow the blinds to soak for 15-20 minutes. Next, with a scrub brush, scrub away the dirt from your blinds. Repeat the process on the opposite site. After having cleaned both sides, release the water from the bathtub. Turn the shower on and rinse the soap from both sides of the blinds. Place a few towels on the floor and put the blinds on the towel to dry. After an hour, flip the blinds on the opposite side to dry. If the towels are soaked, replace them before turning the blinds around. Only rehang your blinds once they have been completely dried.