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Canopies Melbourne

Tailored Wedge Canopies & Dutch Hoods – Melbourne

Cheap awnings and canopies available in Melbourne, Australia

Weather the storm with our full range of weatherproof Dutch hood and wedge canopy options. We custom make fixed and retractable awning systems to protect and shade external windows and doorways at unbeatable prices.

A Successful Transformation

Wedge and Dutch Canopy Awnings MelbourneTransform your building into a haven of comfort; one where the weather conditions do not phase you even the slightest bit. Easy Blinds and Awnings is the place where your dreams of a weatherproof home come true without having to withstand an outlandish price. Our wedge awnings and Dutch hoods are made from an aluminium frame, and can be designed to fit around drain pipes as well as curves on buildings. The flexibility and versatility of wedge awnings means that they are able to fit the smallest spaces and can also be constructed to go around the entire building.


Available in a wide variety of colours and materials, Dutch Hoods can also include a fixed or skirted valance. Speak with a representative from Easy Blinds and Awnings about adding a Dutch hood to your building. Upon request, we will be happy to take a look at the space you are working with and get the measurements done as to ensure that upon completion of the job, your Dutch hood not only runs smoothly, but also looks astonishing.

Add a touch of style to your Melbourne home or business with a wedge canopy

With a huge range of fashionable colours and styles, we can tailor a Dutch hood or wedge canopy product for you. Are you in need of sign writing to promote your business? We can incorporate your artwork and screen print as well as any type of logo or motif to the front of the wedge awning, giving your business the recognition it deserves.

There’s no need to settle

Wedge and Dutch Canopy Awnings MelbourneYou don’t have to settle for a bland Wedge Canopy. At Easy Blinds and Awnings, we offer variety and expand upon this variety with our capabilities to customise canopies. Easy Blinds and Awnings Canopy Awnings are available up to 6.0m with drops of up to 1.65m. Fit is just as important as design and thus, ensuring that your home is equipped with the right size will prove to be significantly more rewarding than settling for just any size.

At Easy Blinds and Awnings, we ascertain that you don’t have to settle for less.


If your main concern was that proceeding with the installation of a Dutch hood or Wedge canopy would compromise the appearance of your business, then choose the Easy Blinds way. When things are left in the hands of Easy Blinds and Awning’s competent staff, there’s nothing to worry about.

We listen to your demands

Wedge and Dutch Canopy Awnings MelbourneIn order to have a firm grasp of our client’s ideas and demands, listening is essential. Putting the things that you have explained to us to work, you can be certain that the final product will be one that you will, by no means, regret. We’ve worked in the industry for a large number of years and throughout those years have been able to exercise our talents as well as acquire new skills that we’re never afraid to put to use.

Does quality matter?

When going ahead with making an alteration or addition to your property, quality is more than likely something that you will be in search of. Having the product that you have purchased stay strong throughout the years, rather than breaking at the first sight of unfavourable weather conditions, is not a want, it’s a need.

Combining quality and affordability

Regardless of the bargain price at which you were able to secure a Canopy or Dutch Hood for your home, you’ll want it to last; you’ll want to get the best value for your money. At Easy Blinds and Awnings this is a promise we make to all our customers.

Quality is just one of the things that our company does not take lightly. In order to uphold our reputation and to satisfy our clients in the way we know they deserve, the quality of our product as well as the quality of our service has to be on point. Whether purchasing a Canopy, a Dutch Hood or looking to have your product installed, quality is what you’ll be afforded when you choose Easy Blinds and Awnings.

The service at Easy Blinds and Awnings

Great customer service is also something that Easy Blinds and Awnings is known for. Give us a call and take advantage of the assistance you receive from a company built on friendliness, helpfulness, high quality and affordability.

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