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What is the Difference between Traditional Shutters and Plantation Shutters?

Posted on May 15th, 2015

Contrary to the belief of some property owners, there is difference between traditional shutters and plantations shutters. The design of Shutters as a window covering are to provide protection from the sun and heat, adding an insulation factor and to add privacy. Property owners are flooded with different selections in window coverings, and many are under the belief that shutters are the same. While traditional shutters and plantation shutters have some similar features, they are different. Plantation shutters are the contemporary and the choice among most homeowners as they truly do add value to an establishment that has been shown through appraisals on properties with plantation shutters. Take a look with Easy Blinds Melbourne.

Traditional Shutters

Traditional shutters will also be referred to as Colonial shutters. States in New England were the first to introduce the shutters that they used as an insulated window shade. Through the years, the shutters have evolved and today they are common in households across Australia. You’ll find that many homes with traditional shutters are that of a country decor, although they will work with nearly any decor.
Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters first came about in the 19th century, used in many of the Old South homes. In the early days, the shutters were used on the outside of the windows to protect the interior of the homes from the temperatures and hazards (sun bleaching) of the sun and heat. Today, plantation shutters are the number 1 choice in a window covering for the interior of a home. The roller blinds are the most effective in controlling the sunlight into the home, as well as offer the best views and a high privacy factor. Being adjustable, homeowners can adjust the blinds to block the sunlight, have privacy yet still have a view of the exterior of their home. Or, they can close the blinds completely, blocking out the sun and have total privacy.


Shutters are built with louvers or slats that are adjustable, which allows the property owner to regulate the amount of sunlight that is allowed on the property. There is a difference between the size of the louvers in plantation shutters and traditional shutters with plantation shutters offering louvers from 1 ⅞ to 5 ½ inches. For home with large window, plantation shutters are the best choice in a window covering, allowing expansive views. The louvers are flat or elliptical with the stronger being elliptical. Louvers in traditional shutters are narrower with a wedge-shaped louver that is one ¼ inch wide. The shutters can be single or double tier, with the double tier constructed with top and bottom panels that are independent of one another and offering more control and privacy.


The most popular construction of Plantation Shutters is wood; but, they are also constructed of faux wood and aluminum. White is the recognised colour of plantation shutters, but they are available in other colours, as well. Traditional shutters are constructed of wood and come in many colours paints and stains, as well as can be purchased as bare wood. Custom ordering, as well as standard ordering, is available with traditional shutters.

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