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The Main Benefits of Sail Shades

Posted on May 12th, 2015


Sail shades are a popular choice in a shade in Australia due to the sunny climate. There are more than one benefit of sail shades. Consider the following benefits offered by Easy Blinds that are designed to help your selection of a shade easier.

Excellent Protection

In sunny and hot climates, sun protection is necessary to enjoy both the indoor environment as well as the outdoor environment. With a high focus on sun protection, a sail shade is the ideal way to offer protection to you and your family from the UV rays of the dangerous sun. The shade can be placed over a patio, or put into a garden or any outdoor space that you’d like to eliminate the sun-drenched effect and have protection and comfort from the sun. The fabric is designed to allow hot air to rise, somewhat like a fan, only with the sail shade the hot air rises from the shade and back into the hot air. It also is constructed to block out 98 percent of the UV rays from entering. The construction helps to produce a cooler area so that property owners can enjoy their outdoor atmosphere.


Sail shades are the ideal way to add style and appeal to your outdoor space. Property owners have the selection of different styles and a wide selection of colours, making them a great way to personalise your space as well as accentuate your landscape.

Easy to Set Up

Wherever you decide to install your sail shade Melbourne, the task will be one that will not be difficult. They fit great over a terrace, the courtyard, the play area, the garden, etc. It does not require being a professional DIY handyman. The shades take no special talent, skill or knowledge to setup. They will come with a ready made kit or can be custom designed and fitted by companies like Easy Blinds Melbourne. The shades are attachable to any structures that are solid enough to support the blind.

Increased Privacy

Not all properties are built for privacy. A sail shade is a solution as it can provide privacy. The shades come in various sizes and create significant privacy, which is ideal for yards that lack privacy. Whether you live in an apartment with stories over you or you have a large open yard, sail shades are ideal.

One Device, Many Uses

With one sail shade,, property owners have many benefits. Use them to cool, to add value and style to your property and use them to create privacy. They are also durable and will not break.

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