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Blockout Blinds Melbourne

Blockout Roller Blinds MelbourneOur fantastic blockout roller blinds in Melbourne, much like our mesh view blinds, are available in many colours and sizes to match your interior designs. These much opaque blockout blinds can be coupled with our mesh view blinds to create the perfect combination for all different light and weather conditions, throughout the day and night. Created from some of the highest quality materials, our blockout roller blinds in Melbourne can be customised in-house to suit your needs and provide you with the blind solution that best compliments your design.

From fully automated blind systems to manual chain operated systems, our block-out roller blinds are a great fit for any home or business in Melbourne. If you want to find out more about our blinds, speak with one of our representatives about the options available to you. Made to withstand the extreme Australian sunlight our blockout blinds give Melbourne residents the privacy and protection from the sun that they’ve been searching for.

Auality Internal Blinds

Energy loss results from, heating homes in winter if there are only single glazed windows installed. Hence insulating your homes with a custom range of internal blinds helps reduce loss of heat. What’s best is that it works in summer to ensuring your home doesn’t heat up!

Your internal blinds can be ornate and don’t need to be dreary. Our internal blinds would go very well with all kinds of interiors thereby making them an ideal choice. We have the best material, professional installation and chic designs.

Contact Us Online or Call 0422 713 585 for superior and reliable internal blinds.

Internal Blinds

Blinds have many positive effects, both on your interior design and your utility bill. While blinds are extremely effective when it comes to preventing heat transfer, your living room, bedroom and all other rooms can greatly benefit from the design additions offered by Easy Blinds.

Easy Blinds has a reputation of providing top quality and safety, as well as any deliveries and services our customers may require. With our own in-house production line, we are capable of catering directly to the every need of our customers, and customise our Interior Blinds and Holland Blinds to match the desired sizes, shapes and patterns our clients’ desire. From retail businesses to private residences and even offices, our services are always available to Melbourne property owners. Some of the areas within

Dual Roller Blinds MelbourneRoman Blinds MelbourneTimber Venetians Melbourne

Available Blind Styles and Solutions

Our portfolio includes both manual and fully automated systems, tailor-made to meet the requirements, desires and specifications of our clients. If you are interested in indoor blinds, either automated or manual, we have the solutions. Our customers have the option of visiting our showroom to gain a better idea of the many different types, sizes and designs we have to offer or have one of our mobile consultants come to your home or business to advise you on the blinds that best suit you.

Some of the types and designs of Blinds available in the Melbourne area include:

  • Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Holland Blinds
  • Aluminium Venetian Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Cedar Timber Venetian Blinds
  • Basswood Venetian Blinds
  • Wood style of Faux Wood Venetians
  • Panel Glides

Holland Blinds Melbourne

Apart from our residential style and Fabric Blinds, Easy Blinds offers holland blinds and custom made solutions for businesses, offices and other commercial projects of any size. Our commercial grade blinds and holland blinds are built to be durable and made specifically for more intense use, ensuring their longevity throughout the years. More can be learned about our commercial solutions by speaking with one of our friendly representatives.

Made from resilient materials our Holland blinds give Melbourne homes and businesses outstanding shade and cover from the sun. Committed to delivering only the best blinds Easy Blinds can keep you protected from UV exposure and help keep your privacy intact. For the best in Holland blinds Melbourne residents can call us today!

Great Quality Blinds at affordable Prices, Fit for nearly Every Budget

Great quality blinds in Melbourne comes at a certain price; however, here at Easy Blinds it is one of our main priorities to not only provide great quality, but to do so at a price that is affordable. Thanks to our large array of available blinds that range in size, shape technology and design, we have the best and the correct choice of blinds readily available for every home, business or office. Our in-house manufacturing allows us to create the perfect blend of sheer style and affordability so that our clients can receive the blinds they need at a price they can afford.

If you are currently searching for holland blinds for your home or business, automatic or manual, feel free to have a look at our portfolio. Melbourne Blinds cord safety and other safety regulations are kept. Should you already know the style and size of blinds you would like to purchase, speak with our representatives and find the design that best compliments your space. On the other hand, if you aren’t yet aware of the styles and types of blinds available, our representatives can adequately advise you on the best option for you and help you choose the ones that will truly benefit you.

Speak with one of our representatives about our available styles and designs today, ask for on-sight assistance or simply ask for more information about your options. You can reach us at 0422 713 585.


Mesh-view Roller Blinds MelbourneAdded privacy is one of the main benefits that blinds offer as compared to bare window arrangements that allow the occasional peek from nosy neighbours and others interested in knowing what’s going on inside. Our mesh view blinds offer protection from unwanted looks, while allowing enough light to come in to fill the room and enable looking outside at the same time. These sleek blinds, with an array of available sizes, designs, colours and patterns, nicely match most interior designs and make for a great addition to any room decor.

Aside from the added benefits to your room’s decor, mesh blinds lower temperature transfer and help you save money on electricity. During the times when you are running your air conditioning, these blinds will help you preserve the precious cold air while keeping the warm air inside the building during the colder months.

As with all products sold by Easy Blinds & Curtains Melbourne, mesh view blinds are made from high-quality materials and components and represent the high-quality standard that our clients appreciate. Our mesh view blinds feature powder coated aluminium base rails, and easy to operate chain side controls (matching acrylic or metal) or fully automatic models. Our models are also available with child safety features for the protection of your loved ones.

If you are looking for the best in internal, blockout, or Holland blinds Melbourne locals across the city can trust the experts at Easy Blinds. With a wide range of durable and effective blinds that includes awnings, double roller blinds, motorised blinds, and outside blinds, we make finding your next set of blinds easy!