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Blinds, Awnings, and Shutters

Posted on May 15th, 2015

For those looking to protect their windows against damages caused by wind and weather, window coverings like blinds, awnings and shutters are ideal. Whether the building is commercial or residential, there is a wide range of coverings that are both functional and fashionable. Before making a choice, it is important to be aware of the many options you have. Blinds are window coverings for the indoors and they come in both automatic and manual, as well as roller style, Roman, and motorised. Awnings are outdoors and are available in canopy, conservatory, and retractable. Shutters are also very popular, and plantation shutters add a classic, elegant look while also serving an important function. Whichever style of window covering you choose, choose brands and materials that will last and not wear out significantly over time or with the effects of harsh elements.

Roller blinds are one of the most affordable window covering options and get their name from the fact that they roll up and down. Good quality roller blinds will be made of stiff fabric and operate smoothly. Because they roll all the way up into a tube, you can choose to allow a lot of sunlight to come through your window and warm your house, which can cut down on your heating bill on cooler days. Roman blinds are also popular and when rolled up, rest on the window in attractive pleats. Because of their classic look and customizable features like color and shape, Roman blinds go well with any residence and any room. One drawback is that these blinds do not have slots to let in light when rolled down; to get light into a room, you have to pull the blind up. For those who want to bring window coverings into the 21st century, motorised blinds can be controlled by a wall switch or even a remote. They can even be programmed to lift or descend at certain times of the day.

Awnings are ideal for those who want to protect the outside of their building and have a shaded area for sitting outside. Awnings over patios are very popular. Businesses like to use awnings for their outside seating and have their logos printed on the fabric. Retractable awnings are useful and can be put down on sunny days and retracted on cloudy or cold days when people do not plan on being outside. Canopies are awnings with the addition of poles and are used primarily to cover the entrance of a business. Awnings for conservatories are important because of the prevalence of glass on the structure and to shade exposed spaces. When it comes to window coverings, awnings are primarily chosen for their function and for businesses. Some residence owners are not fond of awnings because they give their exteriors a business-like appearance. A high-quality blind company will be able to help you select and design awnings that match your needs, be it commercial or residential. .

Shutters can be installed both inside and outside, and plantation-style shutters are especially popular. These shutter beauties have been loved for years and give buildings a classic, formal look. Named for the plantations in the sweltering South where these shutters were used to control the temperatures, plantation shutters moved to California and then other places where hot weather is the norm. The slats in the shutter allow a home or business owner to adjust how much light they want in a room. For the exterior, shutters add that traditional “southern Plantation” elegance as well as providing protection against weather and the harsh elements. A wide range of colors can add uniqueness and personality to a house. Shutters are also good as a security measure without being too obvious about it.

Window coverings are very important for the protection of your window glass and are an excellent way to add character and beauty to a room or to the outside of a building. Both residential and commercial buildings can benefit from blinds, awnings, or shutters. For one, it can greatly reduce the cost of heating and cooling. When the sun is streaming through, you can heat a room without turning on the heat, and when you want to keep warmth in, you just put down your blinds or close your shutters. Technology like retractable awnings and motorised blinds give you control even when you are not in a room or away from your house. Window coverings serve a very functional purpose as well as adding elegance and beauty. The best window coverings will be made of a durable material, very high-quality, and will last a long time so whatever cost you pay should pay itself back in heating and cooling savings. To increase its longevity, choose a classic look that will not distract from your furniture or architecture of the building. Most people want their coverings to reflect, not define, the style of their home or business.